Good Den Meeting for Bears transitioning to Webelos

It’s that time of year where everything is chaos.  The end of the school year is busy with concerts, recitals, *TONS* of baseball games/practices, picnics, and parties.

As such, it’s nearly impossible to get my Bear Den together to work on any of the Electives.  We finished our Bear Badge in March and I’ve had several failed attempts at getting the den together.  I decided to try and hold what I advertised as a “Quick” meeting at the baseball park.

I actually had a decent participation as it was at 8pm… a little on the late side, but I did this intentionally.  As boys become Webelos and move into Boy Scouts, they need to get a little used to the later meeting concept.

I had just one fun activity for them.  I asked them to pick a patrol name, patch, and flag.  I brought my laptop and my MIFI to the park and let them go through the designs on this website:  My co-leader and I asked the boys to come up “fair” process to decide.  We tried to step back a bit as the boys are supposed to start to be bit more responsible when they become Webelos.

One scout was the scribe and they wound up agreeing on the “Blue Phoenix Patrol”.  See the patch here:  They (as well as the adults) were quite excited about it.  It’s a pretty “sick” patch as my boys said!  We are also going to purchase the matching flag.

This is meeting that takes very little planning (I brought a giant jug of lemonade, my laptop, some paper and pencils) but still keeps the kids motivated and excited about scouting when the whole end of year seems to get away from us.  I hope this will spread to the rest of our pack.  It’s a great team building experience.



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