Stronger, Faster, Higher Meetings

We are on our second meeting for the “Stronger, Faster, Higher” adventure.  The first meeting, we had the scouts work on the basic fitness items A-F (jumprope, pushups, 20-yd dash, etc.)  We recorded their results and asked them to keep it up for 30 days and record their results weekly at least.

The second meeting we had them design a fitness course.  We have a rather large den (13 kids).  We let them flounder around and chaos ensued for about 5 minutes until we broke them up into two groups.  We had one group that was passionate about football design a sort of NFL combine course.  They did a good job with this.  We had to have adults be the ones throwing the passes.  So, we had to set their expectations a bit, but it was nice to let them do something they enjoyed… football.  The other half of the group was less interested in football and designed a different course involving jumping, crab walking, frisbee toss, and plain running.  We wound up prepending the football course to the jumping course and it all worked out fine.

We had to drive home to the scouts that they are really competing against themselves to become “Stronger, Faster, and Higher”.  We will repeat the course in two weeks.

In this meeting we also had them practice a relay game to teach to the younger scouts at our next pack meeting.  Will report on this next time.

Next week we have our shopping trip for camping at Costco for “Cast Iron Chef”.  We are camping next week.  It’s a bit late for the cubbies to go camping, but it’s been warm so far this fall.. (famous last words!).


Author: tamarajhills

Tamara Hills is a Staff Software Engineer at Mozilla in the Connected Devices Group.

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