Cast Iron Chef and Camping Adventures – Meeting 2

Again… Joaquin… you REALLY SUCK!

This meeting was really good.  We had our AWESOME den chief to help us out tonight. We covered their logs for nutrition, the menu for camping, and practicing their bowline as a gathering activity (not everyone got it the first time).

We went over their nutrition logs.  They were supposed to record everything they ate and say whether it was Animal, mineral, or vegetable… wait, that’s 20 questions.. It was fruit, vegetable, dairy, protein, or grain :).  About 50% of my kids actually did it (yes, they had reminders).  I had the ones that did it pair up with the ones who didn’t and calculate a pie chart for how much of each they ate.  I used a free iPhone app that generates pie charts so they can get an idea.  Then we went around and everyone said what they needed to eat more/less of.  Of course, my child was overloaded on carbs!  But, it was a good, quick exercise for them to be conscious of what they intake and to try and balance it.

We then worked on planning meals for our campout.  We split them into two groups.  One dinner group and one breakfast group.  Den Chief was very helpful to make sure that not all the meals were carbs!  We have to make sure that adults can eat the meals too!  We had the groups make shopping lists as well.

We have another meeting setup to do the Campout shopping at Costco for the dinner and breakfast that our scouts are responsible for during the trip.

Alas… Joaquin came and made us reschedule our campout.  Stay tuned for how our campout actually goes…


Author: tamarajhills

Tamara Hills is a Staff Software Engineer at Mozilla in the Connected Devices Group.

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